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For Preachers and Elders
As of the first of June this year, 2007, we will have this page on our web site.

I have been planning on writing a book for preachers for over twenty years. I have even made the outline for the book but I have come to the realization I will never publish it. I will be 75 years of age in a few days and I believe the best way for me to get this information out is to put in on the site.

Here are the guides of what will happen.

When I write something about preachers or elders I will post it to Frankly Speaking, as I always do my articles. In addition, I will post them to the page on the site For Preachers and Elders. I even may post some other things to this page that I do not send to the Frankly Speaking page.

I invite others to submit material on the subject of elders and preachers they think might be beneficial, with the understanding that it might be edited, slightly anyway. If I deem it appropriate I shall also post it on this page. We can have a lot of information over time that can be accessed more readily than books or articles in brotherhood publications.

Material and articles submitted should be submitted in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format. It should contain, name, complete address, telephone number and church associated with. Without this criteria, the material will not be considered for publication.

Our purpose, our only purpose is to please our Father in heaven by preaching his word and maintaining the authority of it. We fervently pray that this page and this site, will be used to His glory.

For His Cause,
Ed Smithson

Thank you for visiting!

For Preachers and Elders  
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