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Helping myself and othersthrough poetry
I have now been writing verse for some 20 years. I have produced over 300 poems, some of which I have published in two spiral bound books. While I write on various subjects, I will only put some of these I believe to be appropriate on this site. Also there are poems of others I have appreciated through the years and will list some of them as well, as they become available.

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Author Date Read    
ENOUGH Ed Smithson 2/13/2010
THE OTHER SIDE Ed Smithson 10/30/2009
ON CALVARY Ed Smithson 10/30/2009
A PATRIOT Ed Smithson 10/30/2009
GRADUATED TO GLORY Ed Smithson 10/30/2009
PATRICIA BOSWELL LANIER Ed Smithson 10/30/2009
MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Ed Smithson 1/15/2009
CANNOT LAST Ed Smithson 1/15/2009
At The End of The Row Ed Smithson 1/15/2009
You Can`t Go Home Ed Smithson 4/19/2006
Inspiration Of His Word Ed Smithson 6/29/2005
Dear Friend Ed Smithson 4/19/2006
The Disappearing Church Ed Smithson 6/29/2005
When Tomorrow Starts Ed Smithson 6/6/2005
I Dreamed Of Heaven Ed Smithson 6/6/2005
Don't Weep For Me Ed Smithson 6/6/2005
Forgiveness Ed Smithson 5/30/2005
If I Only Had Her Back Ed Smithson 4/5/2005
The Long Goodbye Ed Smithson 4/3/2005
A Simple Preacher Ed Smithson 4/3/2005
Drinking From My Saucer Poems of Others 4/3/2005

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