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These are sermons from different preachers in the brotherhood, both alive and those who have gone on, that I consider significant and important. Sermons by men who were and are giants in content and delivery. As time goes on we will try to add to this category as outstanding lessons become available

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Author Date Read    
The Church That Jesus Built Ed Smithson 2/12/2016
PROVIDENCE Foy L. Smith 11/27/2005
NAMES AND TITLES Foy L. Smith 11/27/2005
BOTH OR NONE Foy L. Smith 11/27/2005
GREENER GRASS Foy L. Smith 11/26/2005
The Three Ones of Life Jim Laws 4/11/2005
Baptism In The Bible Jim Laws 4/8/2005
Throne of Grace Jim Laws 4/8/2005
Can We Identify The New Testament Church? Roy H. Lanier, Jr. 4/11/2005
Calvary: Pinnacle of Grace Roy H. Lanier, Jr. 4/9/2005
Community Churches Roy H. Lanier, Jr. 4/9/2005
Denominational Pulpits Roy H. Lanier, Jr. 4/9/2005
Parachurch Orginazations Roy H. Lanier, Jr. 4/4/2005

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